We help you to take care of your employee’s health by ensuring QUALITY SLEEP, thus promoting productive working environment and PREVENTING physical and mental health problems.

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Our working lives are becoming more and more demanding and intensive

But there is another very important aspect that is often overlooked: SLEEP

  • Long working hours, early rising and long night

  • Stress and lack of balance between work and personal life

  • Omnipresent technology and our inability to “switch off”

  • Managing more information and the increased speed of decision-making

To combat these effects, occupational health management
leverages the benefits of life-work balance and promotion of fitness, healthy eating and wellness.

While most people know that sleep is important for the normal functioning of the body, fewer know that sleep is important for

health, safety, well-being and personal productivity.

Our performance-driven society and the growing productivity demands that come with it have led to increasingly poor sleep habits of the employees. In an effort to accomplish more, we often extend our work window, but the end result is that we accomplish less and become less productive and sometimes even sick.

Furthermore, sleep disorders are often overlooked or even thought to be harmless, but they tend to accumulate in the body and rarely go away on their own. In addition, we must take into account the age-related sleep changes that also worsen our sleep patterns.

Add to this the excessive use of modern technologies such as

computers, smartphones, or tablets at work or at home, and the

devastating picture of rising medical costs and declining productivity emerges.

I came to the programme with the following symptoms: headaches after waking up, jaw grinding, waking up with clenched teeth. I was also constantly sleepy and tired.

I really liked that this programme offered holistic solutions to my problems and didn't just treat the symptoms. And all this without surgery or injections. With this programme I have achieved gradual but stable results!

I especially like the holistic approach. Orthodontist know about the interaction of teeth and body, the trainers were very helpful. The course was very time efficient, 15 minutes a day, and many exercises can be done in public transport, walking and talking.

Helene Krutikova

On the employee side, the obvious or even hidden lack of sleep leads to:

  • Lack of attention and poor memory

  • Difficulty concentrating on a task

  • Mood swings, depression, apathy

  • Irritability and moodiness

  • Increased cravings for high-calorie foods

And this has the following effects on the working environment:

  • Poor team performance

  • Lower employee productivity

  • Higher risk of accidents

  • Increase in medical costs

  • Increased absenteeism

Working with clients in different time zones has completely disrupted my day and night routine. This led to irritability, fatigue, bags under my eyes and the constant feeling that everyone around me was doing things to annoy me. I no longer enjoyed work, and my productivity at work dropped. 

I am only in the second month of treatment, but I sleep much better now and have never had teeth grinding or jaw pain in the morning. The strength and desire to conquer new heights and make a career began to show.

Olga S.

Hello! My name is Olga Kozyk (MD), and I am founder of HealthInnoTech.

I created this company to support people who want to strive for optimal health and enjoy their quality of life for a long time.

From an early age I was fascinated by the work of Avicenna and Hippocrates. I still follow their approach and look at the human body as a whole system, not just treating the symptoms, but trying to find the root cause and achieve the desired goal.

I studied in depth the diseases that civilization has brought to mankind. I was very interested in sleep as a key factor in maintaining physical and mental health.

And I am not the only one, in 2021-2022 my treatment was selected to represent Ukraine in the field of medical innovations at Dubai EXPO 2020, as a non-surgical and drug-free treatment of sleep disorders in adults.

I had been struggling with sleep problems and sleep interruptions for almost two years. Due to the chronic lack of sleep, I usually woke up tired — both physically and mentally.

After undergoing a restorative treatment (with cap) and myofunctional and breathing exercises, I got rid of my sleep difficulties and felt that I had enough energy, strength, and desire to work, develop ideas and communicate with people.

Kateryna Smishko



To achieve this, you need to consider the following points:


Address age and lifestyle-related changes in your jaw and neck


Actively learn to relax the muscles of your head and neck and establish proper breathing patterns


Adopt and maintain proper sleep hygiene

The most important thing is that you address all these things in a systematic way.

I have had a damaged bridge of my nose since childhood. I love that your method is non-invasive and drug-free.

I felt the first results in the first week, and with each subsequent treatment step I felt better and better. I started to breathe better, and especially through my nose. Not only that, but I also slept better, became more productive, calmer and was at peace with myself.

I loved that the treatment was easy to integrate into my daily life, that I developed new, healthier habits and routines, and that it ultimately changed the quality of my life.

Sergii Moldakhovskiy



Stationary treatment

No medical intervention

No contraindications

No special requirements

Qualified personnel

Proven technology

The program of treatment consists of 3 vital parts


The so-called NTI Deprogrammer

is a custom transparent dental cap that is placed on the upper jaw during sleep. It acts as a “ switch” to stabilize the neuromuscular system and respiratory processes.


This part of the program includes

exercises to train more efficient breathing and relaxation. It helps to enhance the effect of NTI Deprogrammer and provides an even more significant improvement of your sleep.


This part educates on developing

and maintaining optimal individual sleep habits to keep lifestyle changes and increasing work demands under control and ensure the

results you achieve last even longer.

The treatment consist of several monthly appointments

(up to 12, depending on your chosen package)

Each appointment include:

Physical assessment of the patient, including measurement and recording of physical changes.

Documentation of perceived changes in sleep behaviour and impact on patient’s physical and mental health and well-being (in compliance with medical confidentiality).

Adjustment and fitting of the dental cap. This step is required at every appointment because the cap and exercises change the structure of your jaw and neck muscles.

Introduction of new neuromuscular and breathing exercises. New adjusted exercises are introduced at each appointment. The average duration of the exercises takes approximately 15 minutes daily.

Patients are educated about proper sleep habits and how to maintain them even in stressful situations.

Optional survey of perceived changes in sleep behaviour and impact on the patient’s physical and mental health. This survey can be used to measure the outcomes achieved by the program at an enterprise level.

Before the programme, my sleep was not deep, but very shallow. I woke up in the morning so tired as if I had never gone to bed. I also kept waking up during the night, sometimes up to 10 times. Furthermore, I don't like doctors, and especially not when they work on my mouth area. But this treatment was painless, almost pleasant for me. And the most important thing—it was gentle and non-invasive.

As a result of the programme, my sleep has improved first, and I now sleep like a young person: I get enough sleep, feel alert, rested, full of energy and happy to live my life.

Svitlana I.


Healthy and rested employees are more motivated and therefore more productive: they create great added value for the entire company.

Improve the productivity on the individual and thus corporate level

Increase the motivation of the whole team and balance the workload of the individuals

Prevent workplace accidents and

illnesses and reduce the cost of absenteeism

Create a better working atmosphere by reducing conflicts and improving teamwork

Strengthen the loyalty of the employees, thus decrease the employees turnover

Enhance your company’s image as a better and more caring employer

Let your actions speak louder than words and reap the benefits of rested and motivated employees on your company's overall performance

Frequently asked questions

Can you back up the claim that your programme provides results?

Our programme has an impressive track record: Over the past ten years, we have successfully helped more than 2,500 clients improve their sleep. Our clients report positive results and high levels of satisfaction, as evidenced by their testimonials on our website and social media. To further highlight our success, our programme was recognised with an award at the Young Orthodontist Scientific Competition in May 2018. In addition, our team participated in EXPO2020 in January 2022 and our healthy sleep programme was not only considered innovative but also attracted a lot of interest as it can improve physical and mental health through better sleep.

Can your program improve my sleep if I have diabetes?

Yes, we have successfully treated patients with diabetes.

Will your program help with my complicated case of insomnia?

We strongly believe our program will help improve your sleep. For those with long-term insomnia, we recommend the premium version (FAST TRACK) of the programme. More information can be found in our brochure on the website.

Which package is right for me?

We recommend scheduling an appointment for a general check-up and evaluation of your individual case, after the consultation we will suggest the best package for you.

What's the difference between the packages?

There's a basic package and a fast track package and varying duration of the program. The fast track package is recommended for those who want results quickly, while the basic package is for PREVENTION of sleep disorders and early stages of sleep disturbances and burnout. In general, the older the patients are and the worse the symptoms they experience, the more time they need to recover their physical functions, so it makes sense for them to take the longer treatment.

I saw on your website that you use some kind of mouth cap to treat sleep problems. I think I used a very similar mouth cap to align my teeth. Are they the same?

No. At first glance, both mouth caps look very similar. But they differ in their functions. Our mouth cap is designed to restore and relax your neuromuscular system, which helps your body sleep well in the long run.

I don't have sleep difficulties, in fact I sleep very well. But I still feel tired in the morning, and I'm not as active as I was in my 20s. But isn't that “normal” behaviour for people who are getting older?

People in their thirties often suffer from sleep disorders, such as superficial and fragile sleep, but they don't yet have any noticeable complaints like waking up at night or prolonged sleep interruptions. Therefore, it is usually not the sort of issue that people think they need to address. But it is the best time to “work” on your deeper sleep so that functions can be restored “more easily” and you don't have major problems later.

I snore very loudly at night. Is this programme right for me?

Yes, this programme is right for you. Snoring (contrary to what you might think) is not just a superficial symptom, but often indicates deeper respiratory and metabolic problems. Here are some links to research on this topic.

Myofunctional Therapy to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Obstructive sleep apnea: focus on myofunctional therapy

Therefore, to restore normal functions, these patients typically need the 12-month package

How many years have you been using your programme?

We started our programme over 10 years ago. We continue to develop as professionals, constantly upgrade our qualifications and gain more experience. The programme is also constantly evolving and reflects our experience.

How many people have your programme worked for?

More than 2,500 clients have improved their sleep thanks to our programme.

Are you a real doctor? What are your qualifications?

Yes, I have a classical medical qualification according to Ukrainian and EU legislation. And I'm constantly developing as professional, some of my additional qualifications are: Studied under John Mew in London, UK (President of London School of Facial Orthotripics) Completed various orthodontics courses, including Microimplants, Alignment of Teeth with Transparent Elainers, Lingual Orthodontics Technique, and Functional Occlusion and Dysfunction of TMJ. Completed a certification trainer course in Buteico Clinic International, London, Great Britain Studied and trained at International College of Neuromuscular Orthodontics and Gnathology, Albenga, Italy You can see my full CV and all my certificates and achievements on the “About us” page of this website.

We as a company try to create a supportive atmosphere in our team to avoid burnout among our employees. You claim that there is a link between lack of sleep and burnout. Do you have any research to back this up?

A team of scientists led by UCLA professor Matthew Walker has shown that depression and burnout are directly linked to a reduction in deep sleep. People who had improved the quality of their sleep (more deep sleep) saw their condition improve significantly. And we are working precisely on increasing the amount of deep sleep. Breathing retraining: effect on anxiety and depression scores in behavioural breathlessness Respiratory ventilation and carbon dioxide levels in syndromes of depression Comparison between hyperventilation and breath-holding in panic disorder: patients responsive and non-responsive to both tests 35% Carbon dioxide and breath-holding challenge tests in panic disorder: a comparison with spontaneous panic attacks.

How can we measure the results? How can we distinguish between “good sleep” and “poor sleep”?

We have medical indicators that we measure and document in every consultation. We also recommend that companies conduct a voluntary survey to find out how employees actually experience the improvement in their sleep patterns and how this affects their daily and working lives.

What equipment do you need to offer your services in our premises?

We need a room of 12 square metres with a 220-watt socket. If it has 2–3 chairs and a table.

When can we expect the first “results”?

Most people feel the first results a few days after they start following our recommendations on exercise and relaxation. However, the big breakthrough comes after the second visit, when the customized mouth cap is put on and the patient starts to use it while sleeping. However, it is important that you understand and apply the 3 steps of our programme: Restoration with Mouth Cap, Relaxation Techniques and Exercises to achieve faster and more sustainable results.

On average, how much time does a staff member need to “invest” in your programme per day?

For optimal results, at least 10 minutes of personal time should be invested per day. Are there any additional equipment or costs for the programme? No, there are not: Please download our brochure for more detailed information about the different packages and prices.

What happens when the treatment is completed? Do the results stay?

The results of the treatment will stay with you for life. Of course, our living organism needs support. That is why we recommend wearing the NTI Deprogrammer permanently at night and using the exercises and a healthy sleep routine. The working lifespan of the mouthpiece is three years. After this time, we recommend replacing it with a new one.